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FD-258 Fingerprinting Cards

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The FD-258 fingerprint card is essential for identification purposes within the United States, routinely employed by entities that conduct background checks. This card is designed to collect an individual’s fingerprint information in a structured format, crucial for employment screenings, licensing, and immigration proceedings.

The FD-258 fingerprint card’s inception can be traced back to the early days of forensic science when the distinct patterns found on human fingers were recognized as a key to individual identification. Over time, the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division has continually updated the card to align with modern identity verification standards.

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With its sturdy card stock and white background, the FD-258 fingerprint card ensures reliability for captured prints. The header prominently displays the card’s designation, followed by spaces for personal information. The card’s central portion houses the fingerprint area, with blocks arranged for each finger to capture prints in a uniform manner that eases comparative analysis.

The FD-258 card is distinguished by its adherence to the FBI’s exacting fingerprint collection criteria. It is integral for specific background checks, like federal employment and security clearance processes, which are not covered by other fingerprint documents. The card includes explicit instructions to ensure accuracy. It is also compatible with automated fingerprint identification systems, underscoring its importance in biometric data collection.

A variety of institutions rely on the FD-258 card for identification purposes. Government agencies require it for employee background checks. Similarly, it is indispensable for private sector employers; those aiming to work with children or the elderly must undergo this process. The card is also a requisite in various civil applications, like immigration adjustments and firearms licensing.

Obtaining an FD-258 fingerprint card is uncomplicated. The FBI provides these cards, as do companies specializing in fingerprinting. Some organizations may distribute the card as part of the employment process. The card is also available for purchase from select online retailers, adding convenience for those who prefer online transactions.

Completing the FD-258 card necessitates accuracy, starting with the individual’s personal data at the top of the card. The fingerprinting sequence follows, with each finger rolled from edge to edge for comprehensive capture. After rolling, flat impressions provide an additional perspective. The final step is a thorough review to ensure all prints are properly recorded.

For precision in fingerprinting, a controlled environment is vital. Correct ink application is crucial, as is cleaning fingers beforehand. Consistent pressure during rolling ensures full pattern transfer. Practitioners benefit from experience, which aids in smooth, evenly pressured rolls. It’s important for the subject to remain relaxed to avoid print distortion. Should a mistake occur, starting anew with another card is imperative for maintaining the integrity of the record.

After having fingerprints taken, the individual submits the FD-258 card to the relevant authority, usually via mail. The review process involves scanning the fingerprints into a system for background checks, a process that can vary in duration depending on the agency’s workload. It is advisable for individuals to confirm with the requiring entity that their card has been received.