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Methods to Check Your DOJ Live Scan Results

Live Scan
woman checking live scan results

Understanding What is a DOJ Live Scan

Gone are the days when background checks relied solely on ink and paper.

Today, the Department of Justice (DOJ) live scan stands as a technological marvel in this domain.

This advanced fingerprinting technique utilizes digital tools to electronically capture fingerprints.

Live scan’s distinct advantage over traditional methods lies in its accuracy.

The technology is versatile, catering to a range of sectors, including employment.

More than just capturing fingerprints, live scan swiftly sends them to relevant federal agencies for a comprehensive background investigation.

Exploring Who is Involved in the Live Scan Process

The Applicant

In the realm of live scan, the applicant plays a critical role.

This individual could be a job seeker facing a routine background check.

The applicant can also be a Sacramento private investigator that is trying to renew his license.

Their responsibility is clear: provide accurate personal information and high-quality fingerprint scans.

In essence, the applicant sets the live scan process in motion by scheduling the fingerprinting appointment.

Requesting Agency

Serving as another vital component in this well-coordinated system is the requesting agency.

Whether it’s an employer or a government entity, this agency initiates the live scan background check.

They provide the applicant with the necessary forms and occasionally specify which live scan service locations are acceptable.

Their role extends beyond the process’s initiation; they are the primary recipients of the DOJ’s findings.

Live Scan Operator

The live scan operator is a key player, tasked with collecting your fingerprints.

Trained in the specialized skill of electronic fingerprint capture, these operators handle more than just data collection.

They ensure the quality of the fingerprints, as poor scans might necessitate a redo of the entire process.

Guide to Start a DOJ Live Scan

doj live scan

Booking an Appointment with a Live Scan Business

Initiating a DOJ live scan involves booking an appointment at an authorized location.

While some facilities accept walk-ins, it’s generally recommended to schedule in advance to avoid long wait times.

Conduct a quick online search, guided by the requesting agency, to find a local, certified live scan service that meets your needs.

Required Documents for Your Live Scan Appointment

Arriving at your appointment, be sure to have the necessary documents.

Typically, this includes two forms of identification.

A government-issued ID, like a driver’s license, is a must, along with a secondary ID for address verification.

Additionally, the requesting agency should provide you with a live scan form detailing the specifics of your background check.

Don’t forget to bring this essential form.

What to Expect During the Fingerprinting Session

During your appointment, the live scan operator will guide you through the fingerprinting process.

You’ll place your fingers on a digital glass surface for print capture.

The operator checks the quality of these prints against DOJ standards.

Although the fingerprinting is typically quick, taking only a few minutes, following the operator’s instructions carefully is crucial.

Expected Time for Receiving DOJ Live Scan Results

After the session, you’re likely wondering: When will my results arrive?

Generally, DOJ live scan results are delivered between three days to two weeks post-session.

It’s key to remember that the results are sent directly to you, not the requesting agency.

Many receive their live scan results quickly, but delays can happen due to several reasons.

Poor fingerprint quality is a common issue; if the prints are inadequate, a retake might be necessary, leading to delays.

The involvement of different agencies in your background check also affects the timeline; more agencies mean longer processing times.

Lastly, the overall volume of background checks can impact how swiftly your results are processed.

Options to Check DOJ Live Scan Results

Online Tracking System

A highly recommended way to track your background check is through the DOJ’s Online Applicant Tracking System.

After your live scan, you will receive a tracking number.

Using this number on the DOJ’s online platform allows you to monitor the progress of your background check in real time.

This system provides a detailed view of your application’s status, often outlining the various stages of the background check process.

Automated Phone Line Service

For those who prefer quick, direct information, the DOJ’s automated phone line is a convenient choice.

A simple call to the provided number, followed by voice-guided prompts, lets you input your personal information for verification.

Once verified, the system will update you on the status of your live scan results.

This option is particularly useful for individuals who would rather not navigate online platforms.

Emailing the Requesting Agency

If a more personalized approach suits you, emailing the requesting agency can be effective.

Since they receive your background check results directly, they have the most up-to-date information on your application.

A polite email inquiry can provide you with the latest updates on your live scan, as well as any additional steps that might be required.

Interpreting Your DOJ Live Scan Results

couple reviewing documents

When your background check is complete, the final report sent to the requesting agency contains comprehensive information.

Commonly, it includes a detailed criminal history from federal records, when relevant.

Additionally, it may cover civil aspects like restraining orders, depending on the requesting agency’s criteria.

The aim of a DOJ live scan report is to provide a complete overview of an applicant’s suitability for a specific role.

Errors in a live scan report, while rare, can occur.

If you notice discrepancies, acting quickly is essential.

Appealing Inaccurate Live Scan Results

Encountering mistakes in your DOJ live scan report can be distressing, but the resolution process is straightforward.

Immediately reach out to the agency responsible for initiating your live scan.

They will provide specific instructions on how to correct the errors.

Typically, your next step is to formally request a reevaluation from the DOJ.

This often requires submitting a new set of fingerprints for an accurate comparison.

Sometimes, your live scan report might be accurate but contain information that could adversely affect your job prospects.

In such cases, you have legal options.

Seeking advice from a legal expert is a wise step, especially for actions like petitioning for the expungement of criminal records.